Nominations for the Glaser Award

This award was developed to honor one of the pioneers of Addiction Medicine in North Carolina.  Dr. Glaser demonstrated a commitment to this field of medicine from early in his career.  He received his M.D. from Harvard University in 1959 and then served his residency at the U.S. Public Health Service Narcotics Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky.  Glaser went on to have a distinguished career in the field of substance abuse, including the study of opiates and alcohol.  He has held a variety of positions in the United States and Canada, serving as the director of the University of Michigan Substance Abuse Research Center from 1989 to 1994 before becoming Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Division on Substance Abuse at the East Carolina University School of Medicine.  He is now retired in Greenville, North Carolina.

The individual or individuals nominated should have demonstrated significant contributions to the citizens of NC in the field of alcohol or other substance use disorders, in one or more of the following areas:

  • providing treatment for those suffering from addictive disorders,
  • education: particularly related to training of medical or other health care professionals,
  • research, or
  • leadership in the political arena to increase funding or access to care

Contributions can be in one or more of these areas but should preferably have impact beyond the personal or local realm.  The person’s activities should have demonstrated ongoing commitment and persistence of effort over a significant period of time.  The extension of the impact of these activities beyond NC to the national level would be of significance but not critical or necessary.