sara_mcewen Sara McEwen, M.D., MPH
Executive Director
919.256.7418 | Email
As GI’s Executive Director, Dr. McEwen is responsible for oversight of Institute program development and delivery, administration, community relations, and financial management. Dr. McEwen is actively involved in GI’s physician education, integrated care, and evidence-based medicine activities. Dr. McEwen began her work with the Governor’s Institute in 1999 as a consultant before assuming the Executive Director role in 2008.
anthony_mcleod Anthony McLeod
ASSOCIATE Executive Director
919.256.7417 | Email
Anthony McLeod directs the daily operations of the organization and oversees finance and communication. Anthony works closely with the ED and staff on strategic planning and program direction. He has been an employee of the Governor’s Institute since 1997.
person Wei Li Fang, Ph.D.
Director of Research and Evaluation
919.452.3988 | Email
Dr. Li Fang first started working for the Institute in 1992 as a contractor and joined the institute full-time in 1999. As the Director for Research and Evaluation, she is involved in reviewing and analyzing research, grant writing, program and curriculum development, and program evaluation.
candace_jackson Candace Jackson
Director of Finance
919.256.7420 | Email
Candace Jackson works with the GI CPA to administer the Governor’s Institute finances, which includes payroll, check writing, budget and contract maintenance, human resources, as well as assists with the daily operations of the Governor’s Institute. She has been an employee at the Governor’s Institute since 2009.
jimmy_cioe Jimmy Cioe, CSAC, CPSS
Recovery Initiatives Program Coordinator
919.256.7414 | Email
Jimmy comes to the newly expanded wing of Recovery NC with 21+ years in long-term recovery and 19 years working in the full spectrum of treatment in America today as an alcohol/drug counselor. Jimmy has also gone beyond recovery and treatment into the study of healing in all its aspects, beginning with nutrition, energy systems (Polarity, Radix, and Craniosacral) and core strength training. His scope of work has taken the message of greater visibility to the public in multiple ways while forging a vision of Recovery Oriented System of Care for policy purposes within the state.
olaunda_green Olaunda Green, CTTS
Tobacco Cessation and Education Program Coordinator
919.212.0419 | Email
Olaunda Green oversees the Synar Project, which seeks to reduce youth access to tobacco products as well as increases the availability of cessation services for adults in NC. She has been working on this project since 2010.
trina_titus Trina Titus
Provider Relations Program Coordinator
919.256.7413 | Email
Trina Titus manages scholarship initiatives, continuing education and provider relations support and training. Trina specializes in coordination of workforce development and training events. She has been employed with the Governor’s Institute since 2013.
person Pollen Williamson
Physician Initiatives / SBIRT Program Coordinator
919.256.7411 | Email
victoria-johanningsmeier Victoria Eichorn
Operations Program Assistant
919.256.7421 | Email
Victoria Eichorn is our front desk receptionist and assists Operations in multiple projects and general office management, as well as assists program staff. She has been an employee of the Governor’s Institute since 2013.
person Shaquita Basemore
Operations Administrative Assistant
919.256.7416 | Email
person John Womble
CSRS Coordinator / NC Drug Control Unit
919.733.1765 Ext. 2033 | Email
john_simmons John Simmons
FDA Tobacco Inspection Program Coordinator
919.715.5989 | Email
John Simmons oversees the FDA Tobacco Inspection/Compliance Program, which seeks to reduce youth access to tobacco products as well as increases compliance among tobacco retailers in North Carolina. He has been working on this project since 2012.
person Misha Lars
FDA Tobacco Inspection Program Assistant
919.715.2238 | Email
person Katherine Arsenault
CSRS Program Coordinator – Drug Control Unit
Katherine works with the controlled substances reporting system, a prescription drug monitoring program which houses the controlled substances data that is dispensed in North Carolina. She has been employed with the Governor’s Institute since 2016.
919.715.2117 | Email
person Alex Watkins
919.990.9559 | Email

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