Understanding the Pain Patient

The treatment of pain can be highly challenging. How we think about these patients and how we construct our responses determine whether the interaction will have a positive or not so positive outcome. In this video, Dr. Steven Prakken provides suggestions about how to make these interactions more productive.

Treating Complex/Difficult Pain Patients

Patients and providers alike have personalities, assumptions and agendas which greatly affect behavior and doctor/patient interactions. Dr. Steven Prakken explores how normal human tendencies create challenges when mixed with chronic pain and addresses how practitioners can better treat the complex pain patient.

These videos are a project of the Governor’s Institute supported by block grant funding from the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration through the North Carolina Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services with help from the North Carolina Division of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control.