North Carolina Opioid Settlements

North Carolina will receive $750 million as part of a historic $26 billion opioid agreement with the nation’s three major pharmaceutical distributors – Cardinal, McKesson, AmerisourceBergen, and Johnson & Johnson.

In NC, all 100 counties, as well as 47 municipalities, have signed the agreement. As a result, North Carolina will receive its full share of $750 million. Eighty-five percent of these funds will go directly to NC’s local communities to support treatment, recovery, harm reduction, and other strategies to address the opioid epidemic. The balance will go to the state for the same purposes.

This is a live recording of the March 18, 2022 OPDAAC meeting. The purpose of the OPDAAC meetings is to learn about, explore, and clarify topics related to the prevention, intervention, and treatment of opioid drug overdose and addiction, as well as connect with partners to support a coordinated infrastructure to implement the NC Opioid Action Plan.

This short documentary highlights efforts in North Carolina to reduce harm surrounding substance use. From statewide efforts to local non-profits, this film both celebrates those working in the field of harm reduction and educates viewers on substance use disorder and the stigma associated with it.

"The scourge of opioid abuse and addiction must end. It will require an all-hands-on-deck effort by the entire health care community as well as national and state policy makers."

- Wanda Filer, MD, MBA, President of the American Academy of Family Physicians